What Makes Mills Nutrients the Best on the Market Today?

Mills Nutrients are made in the Dutch tradition of a two-part base, plus additives that offer your cannabis plants synthetic and organic sources to maximize yield, flavor and aroma. A pioneer of bio-mineral plant nutrients, Mills has spent years of testing in a...

What’s All the Fuss about EC Fans for Growers

In today’s energy-conscious era, more people, including cannabis cultivators, are looking for ways to save. Most people are familiar with AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) motors. Now, a relatively new type of motor is beginning to replace these models,...

How to Transplant Your Cannabis Plants for Maximum Growth

Logic begs the question: Why not plant your cannabis seeds in their final pot from the start, rather than move them from pot to pot and risk transplant shock? Because the proper transplanting routine will actually make young cannabis plants grow faster in the...

Why Ventilation is key for Indoor Cultivation?

Cannabis plants grown outside don't need ventilation and are exposed to an array of natural elements, from sunshine to a light breeze to evaporation. Indoor growers must mimic these effects while bearing in mind that air circulates naturally in an outdoor garden....

4 Tips for Creating the Ideal Environment for Your Mother Plants

Kept in a constant vegetative state, mother plants are grown for the sole purpose of taking cuttings to grow clones of a particular cannabis plant. While you could try replicating the plant’s genetics through seeds, it’s a tricky and time-consuming method. Taking...

Three Top-Quality Brands to Take Your Grow to the Next Level

What’s the secret to a healthy, thriving cannabis crop that leads to big yields and an overall successful season? At Garden Rebels, we believe it’s the essential nutrients, a healthy root system from day one, and the proper airflow to help your crop stay free of mold,...

How to Dry and Cure Your Cannabis to Perfection

Harvest is perhaps the most exciting (and exhausting) time of year for cannabis cultivators. Following months and months of meticulous plant care, endless days of feeding and ensuring the proper lighting (sunshine or indoor lights), nutrients and the overall ideal...

The Importance of Microbes in your Cannabis Garden

Microorganisms, known in the cannabis world as microbes, have been around for some 3 billion years, making them the oldest lifeform on the planet. Incredibly diverse, these microscopic organisms play a crucial role in developing, supporting and maintaining life. In...

The Importance of Cannabis Nutrients: Macro, Micro and More

Macronutrients and micronutrients are essential  for cannabis plant growth – both are equally important and one cannot compensate for the other. Both types of nutrients must work together to ensure optimum plant health.   About Macronutrients Macronutrients are...

Containers for Your Cannabis Crop – How to Maximize Root Health and Overall Yield

Container gardening has been around for ages. In fact, this concept was used around 600 B.C. in the Gardens of Babylon – one of the Seven Wonders of the World. These gardens were on top of stone columns to replicate “hanging gardens” where the water would run from the...


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