The Garden Rebels Mission

Garden Rebels was born to help its customers plan, set up, and purchase the appropriate products for their cannabis operation – and ultimately, watch it thrive. Their mission is to teach and inspire clients by using innovative cultivation practices. Garden Rebels directly sources top-notch horticulture products for indoor, warehouse, greenhouse and outdoor growing operations.

Product and Service Offerings

A small but powerful company, Garden Rebels sells its product lines to retail stores and other businesses, and to select end-user clients including commercial cannabis farms.

Garden Rebels distributes:

  • Mills Nutrients (the complete line)
  • Aeration plastic and fabric pots from RediRoot
  • Assorted inline & greenhouse fans from Fantech

The wholesale company also sells other assorted farm & garden products sourced from all major industry distributors. From local companies in the Emerald Triangle, as well as product manufacturers worldwide.

While most distributors who sell direct are only pushing their product, Garden Rebels will offer any product to meet their customers’ needs or to remedy whatever situation has arisen on their farm.

Garden Rebels also provides full-service consulting and troubleshooting, along with prevention practices, plant management, fertilization methods, equipment selection and repairs, and even minor installation.

What Sets Garden Rebels Apart?

Few consultants have the years of expertise and the vast array of knowledge that the Garden Rebels team have from their hands-on industry experience. They know all the products on the market and have established personal relationships with these companies to find the absolute best product for whatever a client needs.

In this new regulated era, a cannabis operation can’t afford to use any substance that may jeopardize its ability to sell their products in the marketplace – should they test positive for pesticides or harsh chemicals. Garden Rebels team can personally ensure which pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers will keep your plants healthy and high-yielding.

Garden Rebels provides its valued customers tech support both over the phone and onsite. With years of hands-on experience, team members wear multiple hats, consulting on greenhouses and farm design, and traveling throughout the Emerald Triangle as well as nationwide to guarantee the most efficient operation.  

At Garden Rebels, customers are buying more than a product – they’re taking the first step toward a successful harvest. Through careful planning, diligent pest mitigation, and maximizing efficiencies through systematized farm design and automation, clients can rest assured their operation will be successful in the increasingly competitive cannabis market.