Container gardening has been around for ages. In fact, this concept was used around 600 B.C. in the Gardens of Babylon – one of the Seven Wonders of the World. These gardens were on top of stone columns to replicate “hanging gardens” where the water would run from the tops of columns through the array of vegetation. Fast-forward to the 21st Century: not only is container gardening wildly popular space-constrained urban areas, it has made its way to the cannabis farm.

Why Grow Cannabis in a Container?

Just as different cultures throughout the years have embraced container gardening as an innovative and effective way to grow food, cannabis farmers too have discovered the benefits. Besides convenience, container gardening helps growers increase yields and streamline production to create a more efficient, more profitable operation. Containers can be used in every type of grow: indoor, light-deprivation greenhouse and full-term outdoor.

From the Roots Up

The first step to a healthy cannabis plant is a healthy root system. This includes the appropriate amount of moisture (not too much, not too little), enough oxygen for the roots to breathe and grow, and essential nutrients. The right container can help your plant roots maintain a healthy level of moisture and provide the ventilation to ensure you don’t end up suffocating your fragile root system. Containers can also help prevent roots from stunting, which makes it harder for the cannabis plant to absorb the nutrients needed to thrive and produce generous buds.

Selecting the Right Container for Your Needs

There are a handful of different containers designed for cannabis plants on the market today. Keep in mind that the type of pot you select can have a significant impact on your flavor, overall plant health and ultimate yield.

A few options include:

Standard plastic container with saucer

  • Inexpensive but flimsy
  • Provides soil drainage
  • Not much root protection during fluctuating temperatures


Ceramic containers

  • Ideal for hot climates (think desert)
  • Drainage can be challenging
  • Weight makes transplanting tough


Fabric container

  • Maximizes drainage and airflow to the root system
  • Air prunes the roots
  • Softer material doesn’t offer the same support as sturdier options


Plastic air pruning container

  • Able to catch and prune roots
  • Perhaps the best drainage on the market
  • Requires more watering and care than other options

The key to healthier plants is extra oxygen. We at Garden Rebels recommend RediRoot containers for top quality. Your growing medium and style will dictate whether plastic or fabric pots are the best for you. Medium and growing styles can vary considerably – from rockwool to coco, dry-farming to deep water culture, or even hand-watering.

Air Pruning Containers from RediRoot

RediRoot’s plastic air pruning containers are heavy duty and reusable. They promote healthy, fibrous root structure and prevent overwatering thanks to the drainage design. These pots also minimize transplant shock, so your cannabis plants won’t miss a beat as they grow and flourish.

RediRoot also offers BPA-free fabric aeration containers that allow for maximum airflow. The air pruning capabilities make these pots ideal for growing in a greenhouse, plot of land or even indoors. While some fabric pots tend to lose their shape, RediRoot’s topstitching design helps the container hold its shape while maintaining the right level of moisture to reduce root rot. For outdoor growers who have rodents to worry about, these fabric aeration pots are also gopher-resistant and provide separation from the ground – keeping both the soil and the roots cooler on scorching summer days.

Healthy Plants Depend on Healthy Starts

Each growing style and medium are uniquely different. Keep in mind that what works for one grow might not work for the next. Environments also vary – that’s why we at Garden Rebels don’t recommend mixing and matching different types of pots, nutrients or growing methods. Your cannabis container is an important investment – your final product depends on a healthy plant, right from day one.


If you have questions or aren’t sure where to start, contact the Garden Rebels team. We offer on-site consulting and will help you set up your grow and troubleshoot issues so that you can maximize your yield and revenue stream.