Ventilation Solutions


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Ventilation is possibly the most important component in a successful growing business. It helps regulate temperature, ensures fresh air that plants need to synthesize, encourages pollination and discourages pests.


Direct Drive Shutter Exhaust



  • Airflows up to 8225 cfm at free air
  • Speed-controllable
  • Shipped ready to install
  • Totally enclosed, sleeve bearings


Take Control of your ventilation needs by using the proven FKD Inline Fans Series. These fans optimize the conditions in your indoor grow by moving large volumes of air quietly, efficiently  and reliably.


Inline Fans



  • Airflows up to 6,100 cfm at 0.2 SP
  • High efficiency impeller generates low noise
  • 100% controllable
  • Maintenance-free and reliable
  • 3 Year warranty


EC Temperature Controller


Speed controlling the inline fans with EC motors is a SNAP! A 0-10V signal is all you need! Like the one generated by our new Aeolus controller featured in this brochure. Aeolus is compatible with ALL Fantech EC fan models such as FKD..EC featured above the Revolution Vector.

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