Meet Bethani Jane

What she does: METRC and regulatory compliance, SOP’s for IPM (Integrated pest management), cultivation practices, inventory and employee/operations consulting and sales. Sort of a Jane of all trades from operations to the Grow Room. 

Past experience: My first grow was in October of 2008 under OMMP, started in a basement and worked my way up to managing tier 2 (10,000 sq ft flowering canopy) licensed facilities both indoor and greenhouse in Oregon. I have had a good amount of “corporate administrative training” which I’ve found comes in handy (along with years of growing) with creating structure, organizing work flow, maintaining inventory, plant movement and employee schedules. 

Favorite cultivation style: For my small personal grow… Soil with good healthy bacteria and a couple amendments with Mills and a good foliar regiment. More, medium to smaller sized plants rather then giants. Individual plant attention is important to stay on top of plant health and pest management, it tends to be a bit harder when they are 8 feet tall and I’m only 5’5″.

Successful grow tactics: IPM IPM IPM. I cant convey enough how important this is. Some of the biggest struggles I see are lack of protocol and ability to identify pests before they become infested. Being proactive rather then reactive is key! Beneficial bugs will go a long way if applied correctly in conjunction with some some more natural based sprays. A healthy root zone, well balanced feeding regiment/foliar application(s) and a dialed in environment and you’re gouda. 

Favorite movies: Star Wars… *insert Wookie call* 

Hobbies outside of cannabis: Hanging out with my kiddos, painting, hiking, sitting next to the ocean, hanging out with dogs, eating all the foods, long walks on the…. oh wait. 

Ideal getaway: Any where I can decompress and just be in the moment. Preferably some where with no cell phone reception.  My next ideal getaway includes a warm beach, walks through the jungle and swimming with Sea Turtles.