Meet Shaun Riptown

What he does: Receiving, warehouse management, sales.

Past experience: 10 years of cultivation experience  “You’ve got to get hands-on experience to learn – someone can tell you, but it’s not until you do it that it clicks.”

Favorite cultivation style: Soil, hand-feeding. “Soil is cleaner, faster and more efficient for me. With hand-feeding, you can see every plant, so you can catch powder or mites in early stages and get rid of it.”

Successful grow tactics: Disease prevention, proper ventilation. “I’ve always dunked my babies in enzyme products, and they’d be pretty good throughout. As long as your room has good ventilation, you shouldn’t have any issues – a good AC, a good D-hum, keep your temperatures right, and you’ll be set.”

Best part about the industry: The people. “I like the people I work with number one. We’ve worked together – me, Andre and Shelby, Melisa & Elisa – for about 8 to 10 years. I can tell them exactly how I feel; we’re family.”  (awe)

Favorite strain: Old lavender, old blue cheese (ones that aren’t around anymore). “Lavender was killer back in the day, it just had this certain taste but it didn’t yield very much. A lot of the best flavors to me weren’t big yielders, so no one wanted to grow them.”

Least favorite strain: Barry White. “I think it tastes like dirt. I even grew it inside and it still tasted like you’re loading your bowl with dirt.”

Favorite movies: Comedies, thrillers. “Dumb and Dumber” is at the top of the list.  

Hobbies outside of cannabis: Plays lead guitar in the metal band “Autonomist.” 

Ideal getaway: Europe, primarily the UK for the metal scene.