RediRoot Containers have an affordable effective design that creates a process called air root pruning allowing for roots that are healthy, vigorous, and less susceptible to diseas. In addition to providing a container that is built to grow the strongest, healthiest roots possible we made sure that RediRoot could stand the test of time, making a sustainable growing solution. Simply put, plants and trees grown in the RediRoot for system grow better becayse they have better roots.

Benefits of RediRoot

  • Healthy Fibrous root structure resulting in increased nutrient uptake
  • Eliminates circling roots
  • Reduces wet spots for even moisture and reduction of root rot.
  • Virtually eliminates transplant shock
  • Quicker turn times
  • Maximize profits
  • BPA free




From the Roots Up

We are commited to possitively impacting the world around us. Whether it’s helping commercial growers be more successful, or teaching people to grow their own food, this is what drives us to do what we do every day.