Macronutrients and micronutrients are essential  for cannabis plant growth – both are equally important and one cannot compensate for the other. Both types of nutrients must work together to ensure optimum plant health.


About Macronutrients

Macronutrients are the ones that cannabis uses in the largest quantities. The three main ones used in fertilizers are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, labeled NPK. Here are the roles each one plays:

Nitrogen: An inert gas, nitrogen is crucial for the development of chlorophyll (green in the leaves), and it’s an essential building block of amino acids. Because nitrogen is a mobile element, a cannabis plant will use the nitrogen stored in the oldest leaves to grow new shoots. Nitrogen compounds makeup about 50% of the dry matter found in plant cells and are vital for proper plant development during the growth stage.


Phosphorus: Essential for all life, phosphorus is required for photosynthesis, flowering and root development. This element is used in both growth and bloom stages and aids in the production of ATP (energy) as well as phospholipids, which form cell membranes.



Potassium: An alkali metal, potassium is used in the “plumbing” of your cannabis plant, meaning the liquid moving inside (stems, roots, etc.). This metal also regulates the opening and closing of the leaf stomata – this manages CO2 uptake. This macronutrient is particularly effective in aiding flower development, where new metabolic processes take effect.



There are other macronutrients, such as calcium, which strengthens cell walls; sulfur, which helps spread chlorophyll and increases growth, and magnesium, which assists in nutrient utilization and promotes light absorption.



Used in smaller quantities, micronutrients are comprised of more than 20 of these elements that cannabis plants need to thrive and produce. Each micronutrient plays a role in different phases along the cannabis plant’s lifecycle. Iron, for example, helps facilitate chlorophyll production and enzyme reactions while boron aids in the development and stabilization of plant walls.


The Difference with Mills Nutrients

Mills Nutrients is a unique range of bio-mineral plant nutrients, harnessing both organic and mineral sources to help growers maximize the quality and yield of their cannabis plants.

The Mills team has perfected their formula to help growers get the most out of their soil and cannabis plants in every stage of growth and blooming. Basis A&B is a two-part base nutrient that is compatible with any medium or growing system. Start-R is an additive with a high concentration of nitrogen that is used in the vegetative phase. C4 and Ultimate PK are bloom additives designed for flowering plants. Vitalize is a high-silicate nutrient used throughout the cannabis plant’s lifecycle – it ensures healthier, stronger plants that produce greater yields.Because Mills Nutrients are comprised of both organic and synthetic ingredients, your cannabis plants don’t have to work as hard to uptake minerals. The result is cleaner plants that metabolize faster.

Some growers choose to add microbiology to their Mills regimen. Seagreen is grower favorite; it’s like a concentrated compost tea extract. This or any other microbiology package can help eliminate any leftover salts that were left behind by the plant.

Listen to What Your Plants are Telling You

Every cannabis strain has its own unique nutrition needs. Some may require large amounts of potassium, and others need extra nitrogen. It’s important to listen to what your cannabis plants are telling you throughout the growth and blooming phases.


If you have questions, the Garden Rebels Team has answers. Contact our team of experts to help you troubleshoot problems and learn more about how Mills Nutrients can take your cannabis to the next level.